"The Receptive Perspective" installation comprised of three works in which painting and sculpture merged. Thematically, the show explored relationships between painting, divination, and phenomenena. The centerpiece of the installation was a sculptural, twelve-foot tall triangle shaped canvas, "Perspective of Receptivity," that leaned against the gallery's far wall. The front and sides were painted with light-reflecting silver enamel paint. The reverse side was painted with a high-intenesity flourescent paint that radiated a soft pink glow onto the surrounding wall and throughout the space. Viewers could walk behind the canvas and experience the "reveal" of the source for the glow. A delicate pour of oxidized-green oil paint traced the angle of the canvas from apex to base, pooling onto the floor. This gesture metaphorically alluded to the process of painting and the retention of intent on the final surface.

Two "Divination Method Painting" sculptures flanked the entrance and suggested relationships between painting and mystical agency. Each utilized crystals (a stand in for mineral pigment used in paint) and either shadow or light-refraction to "paint" on a canvas surface. The show implemented a tension between concealment and revelation.





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