This performance was presented as part of the exhibition, "In the Shadow of the Invisible."
It features eurythmy, vocal incantation and a group movement of Cassini ovals (a series of quadratic curves named after astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini who investigated them while studying the relative motions of the Earth and the Sun in 1680). Eurythmy is a form of expressive gesture developed by Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy) and Marie von Sivers as a therapeutic means to visualize the unseen, such as the heard sound or spoken word. Eurythmy works with the principle that speech and tone are intimately involved with the movement-patterns necessary for life. It assumes the existence of energetic archetypes made up of specific movement-patterns, each corresponding to the movement-patterns occurring in speech and tone. Eurythmy is founded on the principle that these energetic patterns and archetypes serve as a kind of “spiritual blueprint” behind and within living phenomena. They are the movement-patterns according to which energy must flow so life occurs.

Performance Score and Vocals:
Christina Ondrus
Eurythmy and Choreorgraphy:
Marguerite McKenna
Movement Performed by:
Diana-Sofia Estrada, Paul Gillis,
Lauren McElroy, Marguerite McKenna,
Sarah Petersen,Brian Ramisch, Sylvie Spencer, Alise Spinella, Clarissa Tossin, Brica Wilcox 
Audio: John Hogan
Photos: Cathy Akers

Performed May 17, 2014
at Monte Vista Projects




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