"THE SEARCH FOR MEANING permeates human existence. The mysterious enfolds us, and in brief moments, we awaken to its revealing. This book encompasses encounters dislodged from ordinary time and consciousness that resonated with the experience of mystery and the search for knowledge. Guided by the energy of the psyche, these are excursions into oblique territory, the consequence of which is the ensuing responsibility of interpretation. It is an unfolding, an unraveling of suppositions. Time, space, and rational thoughts are obfuscated; new patterns of fluidity emerge. In a state of receptivity a path unfolds. A circular journey forgoes beginning or end to find another path: infinity."

Limited-Edition Artist Book (Fall 2013)
8" x 10" hardcover book,
90 pages,
48 annotated color plates, essay Encounters with the Numinous, printed on archival paper with beautiful uncoated finish.

This signed and numbered first edition run of 25 includes an original drawing (graphite and flashé on watercolor paper; choose Labyrinth 8"x8" or Text 7"x9" that reads "wonders thinly veiled from sight") and a small piece of staurolite stone (pierre de Coadry). Please allow three weeks.

An Invisbile Way
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